Upgrading To v1.1 From v1.0

High Impact Changes

Medium Impact Changes

Low Impact Changes

Upgrade Guide

Estimated Upgrade Time: 1 Minutes

Updating Dependencies

Likelihood Of Impact: High

Update dependencies in the go.mod file:

github.com/goravel/framework v1.1.1

Update Providers

Likelihood Of Impact: High

Add Auth Provider in the config.app.go file:


"providers": []contracts.ServiceProvider{

Add Config

Likelihood Of Impact: High

Add file in the config directory:

  1. auth.goopen in new window
  2. jwt.goopen in new window

Add facades.Cache methods

Likelihood Of Impact: Medium

Add methods:

  1. facades.Cache.GetBoolopen in new window
  2. facades.Cache.GetIntopen in new window
  3. facades.Cache.GetStringopen in new window

You need to implement the new three interfaces if you are using Adding Custom Cache Driversopen in new window.

Add facades.Auth

Likelihood Of Impact: Low

Add Authentication facades.Auth