Excellent Extend Packages

You can find extended packages for Goravel here, and you can also create a PR for goravel/docsopen in new window to commit your owner package, please improve the test coverage of your package as much as possible.

PackageDescriptionTest Coverage
goravel/ginopen in new windowThe Gin driver for facades.Route()83.1%
goravel/fiberopen in new windowThe Fiber driver for facades.Route()81.0%
goravel/cosopen in new windowA COS disk driver for facades.Storage()80.2%
goravel/minioopen in new windowA Minio disk driver for facades.Storage()79.6%
goravel/s3open in new windowA S3 disk driver for facades.Storage()77.8%
goravel/ossopen in new windowA OSS disk driver for facades.Storage()76.5%
goravel/redisopen in new windowA Redis disk driver for facades.Cache()79.1%
goravel/installeropen in new windowGoravel installer75.7%
goravel/cloudinaryopen in new windowA Cloudinary disk driver for `facades.Cache()75.4%
hulutech-web/goravel-socketopen in new windowA webSocket package0%