HTTP Requests


The contracts/http/Request method of Goravel can interact with the current HTTP request processed by the application, and get the input and files submitted together.

Interacting With The Request

The http.Context instance is automatically injected into the controller:

import ""

facades.Route.Get("/", func(ctx http.Context) {


Retrieving The Request Path

path := ctx.Request().Path() // /users

Retrieving The Request URL

url := ctx.Request().Url() // /users?name=Goravel

Retrieving The Full Request URL

url := ctx.Request().FullUrl() // http://**/users?name=Goravel

Retrieving The Request Method

method := ctx.Request().Method()

Request Headers

header := ctx.Request().Header('X-Header-Name', 'default')
headers := ctx.Request().Headers()

Request IP Address

method := ctx.Request().Ip()


Retrieving An Input Value

// /users/:id
id := ctx.Request().Input("id")

Retrieving Input From The Query String

// /users?name=goravel
name := ctx.Request().Query("name", "goravel")

// /users?names=goravel1&names=goravel2
names := ctx.Request().QueryArray("names")

// /users?names[a]=goravel1&names[b]=goravel2
names := ctx.Request().QueryMap("names")

Retrieving Form

name := ctx.Request().Form("name", "goravel")

Form Bind Struct

type User struct {
  Name string `form:"code" json:"code"`

var user User
err := ctx.Request().Bind(&user)


Retrieving File

file, err := ctx.Request().File("file")

Save File

file, err := ctx.Request().File("file")

Abort Request

ctx.Request().AbortWithStatusJson(403, http.Json{
  "Hello": "World",

Get Origin Request

request := ctx.Request().Origin()

Attach Data

ctx.WithValue("user", "Goravel")

Get Data

user := ctx.Value("user")

Get Context

ctx := ctx.Context()
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