Upgrading To v1.14 From v1.13

Exciting New Features 🎉

Enhancements 🚀

Breaking Changes 🛠


Upgrade Guide

Goravel v1.14 is developed and tested based on Golang 1.21, and generally compatible with other lower Golang versions. Please upgrade the framework step by step according to the content in this section.

Estimated Upgrade Time: 10 Minutes

1. Updating Dependencies

go get -u github.com/goravel/framework@v1.14.1

// If using gin
go get -u github.com/goravel/gin@v1.2.1

// If using fiber
go get -u github.com/goravel/fiber@v1.2.0

// If using redis
go get -u github.com/goravel/redis@v1.2.0

// If using s3
go get -u github.com/goravel/s3@v1.2.0

// If using oss
go get -u github.com/goravel/oss@v1.2.0

// If using cos
go get -u github.com/goravel/cos@v1.2.0

// If using minio
go get -u github.com/goravel/minio@v1.2.0

// If using cloudinay
go get -u github.com/goravel/cloudinary@v1.2.0

go mod tidy

2. Adding Configuration Items

  1. config/app.go adds localization module configuration items:
"locale": "en",
"fallback_locale": "en",
"providers": []foundation.ServiceProvider{
  1. If you want to use the session feature, add the config/session.goopen in new window file;

3. If using the Validation module

Confirm whether you are still trying to read the binding value even if the data validation fails. If so, you need to optimize the logic, because the value is empty after the upgrade. See: Validation will not bind data if validation fails.

4. If using the Testing module

Check whether using the Clear, Image methods, if so, need to modify accordingly: Add new methods and modify methods for Testing module

5. if using the Mail module

Check whether using the Queue method, if so, need to modify accordingly: Optimize the Queue method of Mail

6. If using the Auth module

Need to modify accordingly: Optimize the setting method of the Auth module ctx

7. If using the mock facades

Need to modify accordingly: Optimize the way of mock facades

8. If using the framework Orm model and returning data directly through the endpoint

Need to modify accordingly: Framework Orm model adds json tag

Feature Introduction


Version: v1.14.0

View Documentation


Version: v1.14.0

The installer allows you to easily download and initialize a new Goravel project.

View Documentationopen in new window

Version: v1.14.0

View Request Documentation

View Response Documentation


Version: v1.14.0

View Documentation

Support for setting body_limit and header_limit in Gin and Fiber drivers

Version: v1.14.0

HTTP drivers support setting body_limit to limit the body size, see: goravel/ginopen in new window and goravel/fiberopen in new window.

Log adds new methods

Version: v1.14.0

StackUse multiple channels at the same time
ChannelSpecified a channel
WithTracePrint trace

View Documentation

Orm adds new methods

Version: v1.14.0

Add WhereIn, OrWhereIn, OrWhereNotIn, WhereNotIn, WhereBetween, WhereNotBetween, WhereNull, OrWhereNull, OrderByDesc, OrderBy, InRandomOrder, Exists methods.

Console adds new methods

Version: v1.14.0

View Documentation

Response adds new methods

Version: v1.14.0

View documentation

Add Build command

Version: v1.14.0

The Goravel project can be compiled with the following command: go run . artisan build.

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Add helper methods

Version: v1.14.0

Redis driver supports TLS

Version: v1.14.0

View Documentationopen in new window

Validation will not bind data if validation fails

Version: v1.14.0

Previously, when calling the methods below, the userRequest still bound the value, even if an error was returned. After the upgrade, it will no longer bind.

var userRequest requests.UserRequest
errors, err := ctx.Request().ValidateRequest(&userRequest)

// or
validator, err := validation.Make(***)
err = validator.Bind(&userRequest)

Add new methods and modify methods for Testing module

Version: v1.14.0

  1. Add Fresh method;
  2. Modify Clear method to Stop method;
  3. The Image method adds ExposedPorts variable and remove Timeout variable;
database, err := facades.Testing().Docker().Database()
  Repository: "mysql",
  Tag:        "5.7",
  Env: []string{
  -- Timeout: 1000,
  ++ ExposedPorts: []string{"3306"},

Optimize the Queue method of Mail

Version: v1.14.0

The input parameter of the Queue method changes from queue *mail.Queue to queue ...mail.Queue.

-- facades.Mail().Queue(nil)
++ facades.Mail().Queue()

-- facades.Mail().Queue(&mail.Queue{})
++ facades.Mail().Queue(mail.Queue{})

Optimize the setting method of the Auth module ctx

Version: v1.14.0

Previously, when calling the Parse, User, Login, LoginUsingID, Refresh, Logout methods, you need to pass ctx. After the upgrade, you no longer need to pass ctx, you can directly set it in facades.Auth(ctx).

-- facades.Auth().Parse(ctx, token)
++ facades.Auth(ctx).Parse(token)

-- facades.Auth().User(ctx, &user)
++ facades.Auth(ctx).User(&user)

-- facades.Auth().Login(ctx, &user)
++ facades.Auth(ctx).Login(&user)

-- facades.Auth().LoginUsingID(ctx, id)
++ facades.Auth(ctx).LoginUsingID(id)

-- facades.Auth().Refresh(ctx)
++ facades.Auth(ctx).Refresh()

-- facades.Auth().Logout(ctx)
++ facades.Auth(ctx).Logout()

Optimize the way of mock facades

Version: v1.14.0

import github.com/goravel/framework/testing/mock

++ mockFactory := mock.Factory()

-- app := mock.App()
++ app := mockFactory.App()

-- artisan := mock.Artisan()
++ artisan := mockFactory.Artisan()

-- auth := mock.Auth()
++ auth := mockFactory.Auth()

-- artisan := mock.Artisan()
++ artisan := mockFactory.Artisan()

-- cache, driver, lock := mock.Cache()
++ cache := mockFactory.Cache()
++ driver := mockFactory.CacheDriver()
++ lock := mockFactory.CacheLock()

-- config := mock.Config()
++ config := mockFactory.Config()

-- crypt := mock.Crypt()
++ crypt := mockFactory.Crypt()

-- event, task := mock.Event()
++ event := mockFactory.Event()
++ event := mockFactory.EventTask()

-- gate := mock.Gate()
++ gate := mockFactory.Gate()

-- grpc := mock.Grpc()
++ grpc := mockFactory.Grpc()

-- hash := mock.Hash()
++ hash := mockFactory.Hash()

-- mock.Log()
++ mockFactory.Log()

-- mail := mock.Mail()
++ mail := mockFactory.Mail()

-- orm, query, transaction, association := mock.Orm()
++ orm := mockFactory.Orm()
++ query := mockFactory.OrmQuery()
++ transaction := mockFactory.OrmTransaction()
++ association := mockFactory.OrmAssociation()

-- queue, task := mock.Queue()
++ queue := mockFactory.Queue()
++ task := mockFactory.QueueTask()

-- rateLimiter := mock.RateLimiter()
++ rateLimiter := mockFactory.RateLimiter()

-- storage, driver, file := mock.Storage()
++ storage := mockFactory.Storage()
++ driver := mockFactory.StorageDriver()
++ file := mockFactory.StorageFile()

-- seeder := mock.Seeder()
++ seeder := mockFactory.Seeder()

-- validation, validator, errors := mock.Validation()
++ validation := mockFactory.Validation()
++ validator := mockFactory.ValidationValidator()
++ errors := mockFactory.ValidationErrors()

-- view := mock.View()
++ view := mockFactory.View()

Framework Orm model adds json tag

Version: v1.14.0

If you are using the framework's Orm model and returning data directly through the endpoint, you need to create a new model according to the old and replace the old, or frontend needs to modify the field name according to the json tag.

type Model struct {
	-- ID uint `gorm:"primaryKey"`
	++ ID uint `gorm:"primaryKey" json:"id"`

type SoftDeletes struct {
	-- DeletedAt gorm.DeletedAt `gorm:"column:deleted_at"`
	++ DeletedAt gorm.DeletedAt `gorm:"column:deleted_at" json:"deleted_at"`

type Timestamps struct {
	-- CreatedAt carbon.DateTime `gorm:"autoCreateTime;column:created_at"`
	-- UpdatedAt carbon.DateTime `gorm:"autoUpdateTime;column:updated_at"`
	++ CreatedAt carbon.DateTime `gorm:"autoCreateTime;column:created_at" json:"created_at"`
	++ UpdatedAt carbon.DateTime `gorm:"autoUpdateTime;column:updated_at" json:"updated_at"`

Fix the session is not set successfully in the gin driver

goravel/framework: v1.14.1

Fix the language file cannot be read in the localization module

goravel/framework: v1.14.1