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About Goravel

Goravel is a web application framework with complete functions and excellent scalability. As a starting scaffolding to help Gopher quickly build their own applications.

The framework's design is consistent with Laravelopen in new window, simplifying the learning curve for PHPers. Kudos to Laravel!

We are open to receiving stars, PRs, and issues!

Main Function

MigrateLoggerCacheGrpcArtisan Console
Task SchedulingQueueEventFileStorageMail
Package DevelopmentTestingLocalizationSession


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Excellent Extend Packages

For Detail


Online documentation https://www.goravel.devopen in new window

Example https://github.com/goravel/exampleopen in new window

To optimize the documentation, please submit a PR to the documentation repository https://github.com/goravel/docsopen in new window


This project is made possible by everyone who contributes. To contribute, please consult the Contribution Guide.

Better development of the project is inseparable from your support, reward us by Open Collectiveopen in new window.


Welcome more discussion in Telegram.

https://t.me/goravelopen in new window


The Goravel framework is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT licenseopen in new window.