Server Requirements

  • Golang >= 1.18


// Download framework
git clone && rm -rf goravel/.git

// Installation dependencies
cd goravel && go mod tidy

// Create .env environment configuration file
cp .env.example .env

// Generate application key
go run . artisan key:generate

Start HTTP Service

go run .

Specify .env File To Start Service

go run . --env=../.env

Live reload

Install cosmtrek/airopen in new window, Goravel has a built-in configuration file that can be used directly:


If you are using Windows system, you need to modify the .air.toml file in the root directory, add the .exe suffix to the following two lines:

  bin = "./storage/temp/main.exe"
  cmd = "go build -o ./storage/temp/main.exe ."


Configuration files

All configuration files of the Goravel framework are placed in the config directory. All configuration items has annotations, you can adjust it according to your needs.

Generate Application key

You need to generate the application key after Goravel is installed locally. Running the command below, a 32-bit string will be generated on the APP_KEY key in the .env file. This key is mainly used for data encryption and decryption.

go run. artisan key:generate

Generate JWT Token

You need to generate JWT Token if you use Authentication.

go run . artisan jwt:secret